Scooter storing is not easy as you imagine(3)
Don’t confuse that why we should learn something about scooter storing. Our scooters can’t use year round, those of us in wintry parts of the world are getting ready to pack their bikes up for the season. Many people have no experience about scooter storing, I'd share some of the tips I've learned so far.
Scooter storing for hibernation requires more than just putting it in the back corner of your garage. Improper scooter storing can lead to problems come spring, or whenever the weather's warm enough to ride again. However, if you're going to be putting your scooter in storage for at least 60 days, consider the following tips:
Fuel stabilizer of scooter storing: ethanol fuel has the tendency to foul after 30-60 days, because the gas sitting in your scooter's tank can accumulate moisture and "go bad" while your scooter storing for winter. Consider buying a fuel additive like stabile that will keep your gas fresh for up to 12 months. Follow the directions for how much to add and run the engine for about five minutes thereafter.
Your battery of scooter storing: Remove the battery from your scooter and bring it inside the house. Store it someplace warm and dry, preferably not the concrete floor. Also consider buying a trickle charger that will keep the battery fresh while scooter storing.
Tire care of scooter storing: If your scooter storing on a concrete floor, consider buying rubber mats to place under each tire. Over time, concrete absorbs moisture, which can lead to dry rot in your tires. Better yet, if your scooter has a center stand, use this to keep the bike off the ground and level while in hibernation.
Scooter storing is easy if you pay your attention to it. Follow these tips and your scooter should be ready to ride again when the warm weather rolls around.
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