Self-balancing Scooters Are Popular on Campus (4)
It isn’t uncommon to walk to class and share the sidewalk with someone riding on their “self-balancing scooter”. Self-balancing scooters can be bought online from sites like DHport or DHgate and cost $250 and up. Jake Nikolay, a freshman in the College of Communication, saw many basketball players riding around on self-balancing scooters and decided to buy one.
“I get a lot of people asking to ride it,” Nikolay said. “Most people are pretty cool with it.” Nikolay finds himself using his self-balancing scooter nearly every day. “It saves a lot of time, usually,” he said. “It’s faster than walking.” Although self-balancing scooters fascinate some, others are skeptical of their practicality and necessity.
“They look cool, but I think they’re pretty pointless,” said Annah Horst, a freshman in the College of Communication. She doesn’t plan to buy a self-balancing scooter. “I especially get irritated when I see basketball players and athletes using them. Sometimes I’ve seen them inside, which I don’t understand.” Bibin Augustine, a freshman in the College of Health Sciences, finds self-balancing scooters to be cool, but would never personally want to own one.
“Motorists tend to react to the speed of pedestrians, so if you’re moving in a pedestrian kind of walkway, then you could potentially put yourself at risk with pedestrians,” Marquette Police Department Chief Paul Mascari said. Mascari has not witnessed any major incidents involving self-balancing scooters. He said no one has requested that the university regulate the usage of self-balancing scooters on campus.
The issues that have arisen have been mainly off campus and involve theft. “We have seen elsewhere in the city that self-balancing scooters have become a target for criminals,” Mascari said. Mascari advises self-balancing scooter users to make sure they are aware of their surroundings and to use their devices in well-lit and well-populated areas. “It takes people a while to catch up whenever there’s a new mode of transportation out there,” Mascari said.
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