A Useful Ski Jacket Buying Guide(4)
Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, purchasing the right ski jacket is the key to a successful day on the slopes. There are several factors you need to consider when thinking about buying a ski jacket: weather conditions, level of ability, your budget, personal preference in terms of style, fit and color. This guide will help you decide how waterproof and how breathable you need your ski jacket to be.
A water resistant or snow proof ski jacket has been treated with a water repellent finish which allows rain or water to roll off the surface. It will offer protection in light snowfall but is not suitable for heavy rain or blizzards. So if you plan to fall in the snow a lot, then a waterproof jacket might be preferable! However, if the weather conditions are favorable (which they typically are in the resorts abroad) a water resistant ski jacket could work out as a cheaper option when buying skiwear for the family.
Whilst breathability is not essential in a ski jacket, a breathable jacket will allow perspiration to escape, which can be important for active skiers and snowboarders. When you exercise you lose moisture through sweat, if that moisture doesn’t leave your clothing, you will quickly become damp and cold when you stop exercising. To avoid this, breathable ski jackets are made with fabric that allows tiny water vapor molecules to travel through and escape the jacket whilst maintaining a barrier that stops water coming in from the outside.
Down ski jackets are normally made with at least 50% natural goose or duck down. In very cold weather, a down ski jacket will heat you up very quickly and keep you warm. However, once you start skiing or snowboarding your body heat will rise, so you’ll want a jacket that releases the moisture and keeps you cool. Down ski jackets will not perform in wet conditions as once it gets wet, down takes a long time to dry out. It is the best choice for very cold, dry conditions.
Beth Haley, a Sierra Snowboard soft-goods buyer said that it’s amazing how having the wrong ski jacket on can make or break an experience for you. These days, ski jackets come in many different varieties – from soft shells to waterproof down puffies – with different technologies built in and drastically different price points in some instances. We hope that this guide would pass helpful information to you.
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