Why Choose an Electric Scooter Rather than a Motorcycle(3)
An electric scooter is a light two-wheeler with an enclosed engine, a floorboard for resting your feet and, usually, leg guards. Back in the day, electric scooters used to be regarded in Nepal as a vehicle primarily made for women and girls but that thought has changed with time, and now it is increasingly used by both sexes.
The first advantage of electric scooter is that it is exceedingly easy to ride. In fact, making the leap from bicycles to electric scooters is not that difficult. Compared with motorcycles, electric scooters is clutch-free. Since most scooters have an automatic transmission all you have to do is start it up and twist the throttle and you’re good to go. There’s no hassle of changing gears and matching the throttle-torque and clutch.
What’s more, electric scooters are better in the wind and rain. We all know how hard it is to ride a bike during winter or in the rainy season. During winter, motorbike rides can turn into painfully cold outings; but the front half of electric scooters, which includes the leg guard, protect your legs from the onrushing cold air. Thus, no joint pain. During the rainy season, the same front half acts a guard that protects your legs and shoes from water splashes.
Finally, the storage space of electric scooter is larger than that of motorcycle. Electric scooters have a storage space under the seat to keep your bags, helmets and any baggage that can fit in there. This space comes in handy not only when you are out shopping and so on but also for storing your helmet—an accessory that is prone to getting stolen.
Electric scooters have been traditionally known for its cost effective and easy to use transportation vehicle around the world. Over the years, like other automobiles, electric scooters have also undergone changes and upgrades. More and more people choose electric scooter as travel tool.
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