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Privacy Notice

Please make sure to carefully read and fully understand this legal notice before you use all the services provided by the platform of global net products center of (hereinafter referred to as “Net Products Center”). As a customer, you may choose not to use the platform service of Net Products Center, however if you use the platform service of Net Product Center, then it means you agree to and accept all the clauses and announcements. Net Products Center refers to the e-commerce platform operated by by Sunlight(UK) Trading Limited on behalf of Zhejiang Shiji Heguang Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Whereas the services provided by the Net Products Center platform belong to internet information service, all the information related to vendors or relevant products released by them (including but not limited to their store names, company names, contact person and details, product descriptions and specifications, relevant pictures and videos etc.) on the platform are provided by vendors on their own. They shall be legally liable for any information provided by them. Net Products Center only reviews such information formally and may not be liable for their correctness, completeness, legality or truthfulness. In addition, Net Products Center shall not be liable for any business activity which use or provide the information contained in this website and its risk.

Where any institution or individual holds that the webpage contents of Net Products Center (including but not limited to the products information released by vendors on the Net Products Center Platform) may be suspected of infringing its legitimate rights and interests, it/he/she shall send the claim to the platform in writing, and provide the certificate of identification, certificate of ownership, specific URL and the detailed certificate specifying such infringement. The Net Products Center platform will delete the related contents suspected of such infringement as soon as practicable after receipt and confirmation of aforesaid legal documents.

The reprinting of woks(including BBS contents) by the Products Center platform are intended for transmission of more information, which do not imply that Net Products Center(including its affiliates) agrees to their arguments or proves the truthfulness of their contents. Net Products Center respects the legal copyrights and opposes the copyright infringement. Where any part of words, photos etc. in this website infringe upon your rights and interests, please send us your notice to the official email address( and we will deal with such issue as soon as practicable.

I. Intellectual Property Rights Notice

Net Products Center has the legal rights and interests in all the information contents contained in the website of Net Products Center platform(including but not limited to words, pictures, marks, software, audios and videos apart from the products information released by vendors on the platform), which shall be protected by relevant laws and regulations.

Any authorized browse, reproduction, printing and dissemination of the information contents vested in the website of Net Products Center platform shall not be used for any commercial purpose, and all or any part of the information contents shall be used with this statement of rights and interests.

All the products, technologies and programs of the Net Products Center platform belong to the intellectual property of Net Products Center. “DHPort” and the platform’s other service names and their related logo, marks etc. are the registered trademarks of Without written permission of, no one may use (in such manner as reproduction, dissemination,presentation, mirroring, uploading, downloading etc.) without authorization, otherwise will hold it liable for legal liabilities in accordance with the law.If you need any assistance concerning IP protection, please contact

II. Privacy Policy

Net Products Center respects and protects the individual privacy of all customers using the platform service of Net Products Center. In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized service, Net Products Center will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. However Net Products Center will deal with such information with great diligence and prudence. Unless otherwise set forth in this privacy policy, Net Products Center will not disclose publicly or provide to a third party such information without you prior consent. Net Products Center will update this privacy policy from time to time.

1. Scope of application

a)The personal information for registration provided by you on the Net Products Center platform when registering or activating the account to log in to the Net Products Center platform;

b) The information in your browser and computer which we automatically receive and record when you use the platform service of Net Products Center or get access to the platform webpage, including but not limited to such data as your IP address, type of browser, language used, day and time of access, characteristic information of the hardware and software and the record of webpage required by you etc.; for instance, when you use or download the mobile client software of Net Products Center or its affiliates, or get access to the mobile webpage to use the platform service of Net Products Center, we may read the information related to your location and mobile device, including but not limited to type of device, device identification number, operating system, resolution and telecom operator etc.

c)The personal information of users obtained by Net Products Center from the business partners by lawful means.

d)You understand and agree that this privacy policy shall not apply to: your keywords input in the use of search service provided by the Net Products Center platform; credit rating, violation of law or the rules of Net Products Center and the measures taken against you by Net Products Center.

2. Use of information

a) Net Products Center will not provide to any irrelevant third party or share with such party your personal information, except that you grant prior permission or such third party and Net Products Center(including Net Products Center and its affiliates) serve you jointly or severally, and after the termination of such service such party will be prohibited from accessing all the data including ones to which it may have access to before.

b) Simultaneously Net Products Center prohibits any third party from collecting, compiling, selling or disseminating free of charge your personal information in any manner. If any customer on the Net Production Center platform commits any of aforesaid acts, Net Production Center has the right to terminate the service to such customer upon awareness of such act.

c) In order to serve the customers, Net Products Center or its affiliates may provide you with the information in which you may be interested by taking advantage of your personal information, including but not limited to sending you the products and service information, presenting the personalized promotional information from a third party through the platform, or sharing the information with the business partners of Net Products Center so that they may send you the information related to their products and service (the latter requires your prior consent).

d) Net Products Center may use your personal information to prevent, find and investigate the fraud, endangering security, wrongdoing or breach of agreements with Net Products Center or its affiliates, policies or rules, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interest of you, other users of Net Products Center or the platform or its affiliates.

3. Information disclosure

Under the following circumstances, your personal information will be disclosed in whole or in part in the light of your personal willingness or by law:

a) disclosure made to a third party with your prior consent;

b) disclosure made to the respondent at its request for the resolution of potential dispute concerning rights by both parties in the event that you become a competent complainant of intellectual property rights and have lodged a complaint;

c) disclosure made to a third party or administrative or judicial authorities under relevant provisions of the laws of place where the users are located or the requirements of administrative or judicial authorities;

d) disclosure made to a third party as required in the case of your violation of relevant laws and regulations of place where you are located or breach of the service agreement with Net Products Center or applicable rules;

e) sharing of your personal information with a third party necessary to provide the products and service required by you;

f) such other disclosure as Net Products Center may deem fit and proper in accordance with laws, regulations or the website’s policies.

4. Information storage and exchange

Your information and data collected by Net Products Center will be preserved in the servers of Net Products Center and(or) its affiliates, which may be transmitted accessed, stored and presented outside the country or region where you are located or the place where Net Products Center collects such information and data.

5. Use of Cookie

a) In the event that you do not refuse to accept cookies, Net Products Center will set or access the cookies on your computer so that you may access or use the platform service or function of Net Products Center relying upon the cookies. Net Products Center may take advantage of the cookies to provide you with more considerate personalized service including promotional service.

b) You may choose to accept or refuse the cookies. You may refuse to accept the cookies by changing the setting of your browser. But if you choose to refuse the cookies, you may not be able to access or use the platform service or function of Net Products Center relying upon the cookies.

c) This privacy policy shall be applicable to all the information obtained through the cookies set by Net products Center.

6. Information security

a) You account has the function of security protection. Please safekeep your account and password. Net Products Center will ensure that your information will not be lost, misused and changed by such security measures as backuping with other servers, encrypting the password etc. In spite of aforesaid security measures, you are requested to note as well that there do not exist “perfect security measures” on the information network.

b) When using the platform service of Net Products Center to conduct online business, it is inevitable for you to disclose to your existing or potential counterparty your personal information, such as contact details or postal address. Please safekeep your personal information and make disclosure to others only if necessary. If you find any disclosure of your personal information, in particular of your account and password, please contact the customer service of Net Products Center immediately to take appropriate measures.

7. Caveat for minors

If you are not a natural person with full capacity for private rights and civil capacity, then you are not entitled to use the platform service of Net Products Center. Therefore Net Products Center wishes you not to provide any of your personal information. If you are under 18, you have to be accompanied by your parents or custodian when using such platform service.

III. Disclaimer

Net Products Center hereby represents particularly that in no event shall it be liable for any of the following matters:

1. Net Products Center hereby represents not to make any direct, indirect, legal or contractual guarantee for your using of this website, any content or service related to this website, or other websites and contents linked with this website.

2. The user shall assume the liabilities(including but not limited to liability for negligence) severally for any loss or damage(including direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or damages, such as revenue or profit loss, destruction of computer system or data loss etc.) arising from using the information contained in this website or linked via this website, or other website information linked with this website by you or any person, regardless of any reason (including but not limited to negligence) .

3. Net Products Center shall not be involved in the legal relation or dispute arising from any transaction among the users, and will not and may not be concerned with the transaction by the parties thereto. If you dispute with one or more user(s) or a third party service provider whose service is obtained by you through Net Products Center, you shall exempt Net Products Center from liabilities for all (actual or consequential) claims, damages etc. of any kind or nature arising from or in any respect relating to such dispute.

IV. Indemnity

You agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless Net Products Center and its subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, directors, employees and agents against and from any claim made against or any penalty imposed on any of the aforesaid parties by any third party or administrative or judicial authorities(including legal fees and other professional costs) arising from your breach of this agreement or other documents incorporated into this agreement by reference herein, or your violation of laws and infringement of legitimate rights of a third party, or the administrative or criminal liabilities which you have to assume for your violation of laws.

V. Force Majeure

Net Products Center shall not be liable to you for its delay in performance or nonperformance of the service agreement resulting from any reason out of its reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disaster, strike or civil commotion, provision shortage or rationing, riot, war, governmental acts, telecom or other facilities failure or casualty accidents etc.

VI. Applicable laws, Jurisdiction and Miscellaneous

1. The validity, construction, modification, performance and dispute resolution hereof shall be governed by the laws of mainland of the People’s Republic of China. In the absence of relevant legal provisions, the generally accepted international commercial practice and/or trade usage shall apply.

2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the service of Net Products Center shall be resolved by a legal action brought in the people’s court in the place where Net Products Center is located.

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