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Stock in UAE

We, Heguang International Limited (referred to as “DHport” hereinafter), hereby authorize Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd., and its Dubai Branch, Sinotrans Middle East fze (referred as “Sinotrans” and “Dubai Branch” hereinafter) to represent us to deal with the following in United Arab Emirates, Africa (referred as “UAE” ,Africa hereinafter):

1. Looking for offline buyers for our company in countries and regions in Middle East and Africa, and sorting out the purchasing requisitions for us. In the meantime, Sinotrans undertakes all work regarding logistics, transportation and delivery.

2. Sinotrans and Dubai Branch could distribute goods in stock prepared in warehouses in countries and regions in Middle East and African, by sellers on DHport.

3. Sinotrans and Dubai Branch are authorized to appoint overseas warehouses for DHport. DHport authorizes them to provide DHport the first-legtransportation (from China to overseas), overseas warehousing, after-sales service, refund and exchange services and overseas delivery, etc.

4. This authorization is exclusive.

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